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Woodstock, 1969

While the music industry has seen better days financially, the live sector of music grows stronger every year. Music consumption has shifted to become all about experiences, and the statistics show that live performances are predicted to keep the industry afloat.

In today’s music culture, live music equates to festivals. Why go see one band when you could see dozens while fully immersed in a parallel universe? This was very much the mentality when festivals first began in the 50s and 60s. This period of time valued the participation in music the same way we are again today. Festivals like Monterey Pop and Woodstock created the foundation for the festivals we have today.

Not only has new life ben sparked in live music, but some of the biggest names from the 60s and 70s are also still some of the most prestigious festivals around. Reading and Leeds, for example, started way back in 1961, and Glastonbury’s first year was not far behind in 1970.

Festival fever is in full effect once again with a live music flourishing, but the best part? We get to share a bit of tradition with our baby boomer counterparts, only this time we’ll be showing them the ropes.


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