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Glancing over the top 100 songs of this year, I assumed the top selling album would have been something Beyoncé or Justin Bieber affiliated. Well, I’m glad to see that 2016 still has some tricks up its sleeve.

The top selling CD release of this year goes to none other than, the one and only, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A Mozart box set hit the shelves in October to commemorate the 225th anniversary of his death. This 200-disc collection sold 6,250 units, totaling 1.25 million individual units, according to Billboard.

I guess it goes to show that when musical genius is at play, it transcends generations.  Mozart has managed to outsell contemporary albums, while proving that physical copies can still move off of shelves. Not bad for having lived in the 18th century.

It’s really is a breathe of fresh air to see true craftsmanship prevailing in the music industry.  Some things just never go out of style, and masterful art is one of them.  Honestly, this was the perfect exclamatory to wrap up a year of utter chaos.


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