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The wait is over and the nominations are in for the 59th Grammy Awards. This year is groundbreaking, as this is the first year that allows streaming-only albums to be considered for the coveted award.Below are 5 artists that have over 5 nominations, and that are likely to snag an award…or more!

Is this really a surprise? This year she released her highly anticipated Lemonade album, which by the way also received four Emmy nominations due to her amazing visuals and special  released on HBO. Beyonce is nominated in nine categories and is sure to take home more than one Grammy in February. Congrats Bey!


Adele has five nominations and she is up for the coveted top 3, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. Adele’s amazing voice and exceptional album certainly deserves the honor.

Chance the Rapper

Chance campaigned all throughout the year, as his full page ad in Billboard asking ” Why not me?” generated massive attention from the media. Chance was originally ineligible for nomination due to his album being stream only, however the board decided that this year forward stream only albums were no longer excluded from consideration. The result? 7 Grammy nominations. Well done, Chance. Well done.


Drake had a phenomenal year, but honestly, when does Drake ever have a bad year? Constantly in the top 100, it’s no surprise that Drake finds himself nominated in 8 categories this year.



Rihanna also received 8 nominations this year for her critically acclaimed Anti album. Look forward to seeing her fashion and hopefully acceptance speech!




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