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Alibaba Music, Alibaba Group’s music division, has upgraded its music streaming business with the debut of an online platform where fans can connect with stars, merchants and others in the entertainment industry.

Through the just-launched Alibaba Planet platform, music fans can use their smartphones to follow their favorite stars, participate in fan activities, purchase related merchandise and watch live shows of cyber celebrities and popular singers, in addition to listening to streaming songs, Alibaba Music said. The platform is built on TTpod (Tiantiandongting), a music streaming app acquired by Alibaba Group in 2013.

Gao Xiaosong, chairman of Ali, has gave a keynote about the unique platform in Midem. He described it as a platform for stars and fans. “We promote stars because we have big data: we know where are your fans… We know everybody in China, they use [Alibaba’s payment technology] Alipay to buy, to pay for everything.” The company knows where fans are, what their education and income is, what kind of cars they drive and so on.

“We have everything. So we are more like a big agency, and we share big data to our clients. They open their own flagship stores on Alibaba Planet and we serve them to find their fans… We promote stars and the stars show their lifestyle, and the lifestyle will sell everything,” said Xiao Song.

However, on 13th, december 2016, Ali anounced their suspense to offer music services. The failure of it implied the difficulty of making transitions in the music industry.


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