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Insights on the music industry by a group of international students

October 2016
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Insights on the music industry by a group of international students

Posted by asnyder2 on

Money Hungry Manager

Allen Klein was a very controversial person in the music business. He was known for his effective arrogance towards other professionals. He was an extremely savvy business man and could identify an opportunity a mile away. While being known for successfully managing artists’ like Sam Cooke, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones he is also known as “Allen Crime” as Andrew Loog Oldham would call [...]

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Posted by ewuermeling on

Peter Malla – the guy who knows some more about virtual reality

Peter Malla – journalist, writer and somebody who apparently knows some more about virtual reality   Remember, last time, we reviewed the panel discussion on virtual reality and looked at what the panelist had to say about VR in the music business. But we left one person completely out of the discussion. Do you know who?! Exactly, the moderator: turns out, this guy seems to know more about [...]

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Posted by Taylor Tobak on

Roger Waters Announces “Us and Them” Tour

Hey Pink Floyd fans! Roger Waters just announced a 2017 Summer Tour titled the “Us and Them” Tour.  For most of you, the name might ring a bell from the famous Dark Side of the Moon album.  Waters decided to name the tour after this iconic song because of one particular line, “With, without, and who’ll deny that’s what the fighting’s all about?”  His answer is simply “almost everyone”. [...]

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Posted by cmichieletto on

Carl Cox launching a techno festival in Australia

After leaving his residency at Space Ibiza, techno master Carl Cox, decides to launch his own techno festival in Australia, he tells to inthemix.  The festival will be called Pure and will focus on two cities, Melbourne and Sydney. With the hope of starting this project in April, he still has not specified details as to the lineup of the event as it is still early days. The world renouned DJ has made [...]

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Posted by tniesvizkykogan on

Staying Rooted Through The Success

Be Consistent. As human beings, we are innately drawn to the comfort within consistency. When the generations of modern life are stripped away, the importance of reliability has always lied in survival. It assures we know what is ahead, and are prepared for it. No matter the realm of life it lives in, consistency gives confidence in the return. Life principle? Definitely. Caveman survival? Probably. [...]

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Posted by giuspadders on

More Than Just Music (part II)

In part one, I discussed how festivals such as Hellfest Summer Open Air, Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts and Tomorrowland have been selling out before any of the artists have been announced. Which brings forth the question of, what do they have to offer other than the music to make them stand out? All three festivals have a guaranteed top class line up once it’s announced, [...]

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Posted by giuspadders on

More Than Just Music (part I)

It seems like festivals are becoming less about the music and more about the house hold name the festival has curated. More and more festivals are starting to sell out before any bands are even announced, leaving the question of: what if you don’t like the artists playing? Hellfest Summer Open Air (mid June), Glastonbury Contemporary Festival of the Performing Arts (last weekend in June) and [...]

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Posted by Dannie K on

Take a Chance on a Grammy

As the Grammy nomination period is fast approaching there are already strong predictions on who will be up for the coveted award. Many artists think of this achievement as key indicator of a successful career, and simply being nominated is an milestone in it’s own right. This year the awards show proves to be evolutionary as this is the first time the Recording Academy is allowing streaming [...]

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Posted by acolett on

Coincidence…probably not.

Every now and again, we hear a song that sounds familiar to us.  Whether it be a lyric that we have heard before or a catchy melody line, it is possible that the songwriter copied from another tune. The clever professionals that analyze if a song has been infringed upon is called a “Musicologist”.  A musicologist is the scholarly or scientific study of music, as in historical research, [...]

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Posted by shau on

Introducing…Amazon Music Unlimited!

  The e-commerce and music streaming industry eagerly awaits the outcome of the public’s response to Amazon Music Unlimited (AMU), the new ad-free streaming service aimed to be in competition with the ringleaders Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music. Not to be confused with Prime Music, whose catalog only has roughly two million versus “tens of millions” in AMU. Amazon recognizes that [...]

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