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Insights on the music industry by a group of international students

August 2016
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Insights on the music industry by a group of international students

Posted by Luca Balbo on

Apple Music offers exclusive Taylor Swift live show

The Apple Music  streaming service has been active for 4 months and has attracted 6,5 millions paying subscribers that represent 60% of the initial “trialists”. This is a very good performance considering that the service has just started. Nevertheless, Apple wanna raise the number of subscribers to start competing with Spotify. They really thought about which cooperation they could do [...]

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Posted by jwach on


The last area I will be discussing in my blog series on startups is on the production side. Music production has been revolutionized by the technology wave of the 90’s and 2000’s. Now, it is easier than ever to produce music, and many make high quality tracks straight from their bedroom using Logic, Protools, and Ableton. This industry for home recording has been booming, however it is [...]

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Posted by skumar1309 on

Music Fridays

In India,when it’s Friday, we find movie halls filled with people waiting to watch the new movies released. Music releases also take the same path by setting Friday as the day to release new singles and albums. Friday is considered to be the Global release day for music that was set up by the International Federation of Phonographic Industry.   It is on Saturdays and Sundays that there is the [...]

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Posted by skumar1309 on

Is India losing audience for Indian Classical Music?

Indian classical music, a genre that is elaborate and expressive is a very old form of music. This music has influence from Indian folk and Persian music and it helps define the culture and ethnicity of India. This music is very popular abroad but its popularity has not been translated in the country of its origin. Many classical concerts abroad are usually house full and the audience will also include [...]

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Posted by Jeremy on

The Rules of The PIT

If there is one stereotype that is attached to Metal music fans, it is that we are all angry people with emotional issues that have long hair and don’t like non-metal fans.   But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there are the the typical angry, antisocial fans; for the most part we are just a bunch of teddy bears that happen to listen to aggressive music.     [...]

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Posted by RYAN BROWNE on

Pendulum Returns

In 2011 the drum and bass/ rock/ metal group Pendulum disbanded to split into KJ Sawka, Knife Party and Pendulum (only performing as a duo DJ set). Ever since, fans have been begging and pleading the group to get back together to do another tour, another record, etc… Well, a few nights ago, just before the Ultra Music Festival phase one lineup was released, two awesome tweets were sent out (one [...]

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Posted by nicoleriolo on

Heap’s Hopes Moving Forward

In my previous blogs on Imogen Heaps I talked about her push for blockchaining through her service Mycelia. She talks about how this can impact musicians worldwide in receiving payments on their work shown through this public platform and now she extends this idea by pushing it one more step forward. Recently Imogen Heap linked up with Downtown Music Publishing on exposing blockchain technology on [...]

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Posted by Alicia Caillier on

Vogue Features Emerging Musicians in January Edition

2015 is coming to an end, which has me really excited about the January editions of my favorite magazines… especially Vogue. And just as expected, Vogue has just released a sneak peak into the January edition which will feature 44 stars-to-watch in 2016, and several of them are musicians!  From Donald Glover, Brittany Howard and Zendaya, to Andra Day, Justine Skye, Lorde, Jennifer Hudson and [...]

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Posted by Luca Balbo on

Mumford & Sounds and Elton John against “black-market” tickets

It all happened to us once: we absolutely wanted to see our favorite artist live and unfortunately all tickets were sold out through official channels… What alternatives were available? Waiting that a friend decides not to go and miraculously sell you his ticket at the face value price, get in the waiting list, win a TV and Radio contest to get last tickets (unlikely to happen) or… just [...]

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Posted by Dickson Lai on

The Music Industry in Hong Kong – The HKRIA and TVB Dispute Changed the Ecosystem of the whole Industry

2009 was the division line in the history of Hong Kong Music Industry. This was because in 2009, a dispute broke out between the Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance Limited (HKRIA) and Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). The incident took place in Hong Kong from the end of 2009 to March 2013, lasting for about four years. TVB is the largest television broadcasting company in Hong Kong, offering [...]

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